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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my Santa pack include?


In both the standard and personalised pack there is:

  • A letter from Father Christmas, personalised with the child’s name
  • Certificate
  • Door hanger
  • Activity sheet

If you order our personalised pack, we add to the letter the following additional details:

  • The child’s gender
  • Age on Christmas Day
  • Best friend or family member
  • Home town
  • What gift the child is hoping for
How much does each Santa pack cost?


Our standard pack is £5.99 and our personalised pack is £6.99. Both options include postage to any UK address.


How to place an order?


Ordering with us is simple. Simply click on the ‘Order’ button on our home page. Simply select how many packs you require and this will take you to the order form which will allow you to enter the details of the child.

Do you deliver overseas?

Yes we do, for an additional £1 per letter. Please ensure you select the appropriate country in the drop down box on the order page.

When is your closing date?


We must have received your order by the 19th December in order to send out your pack by Christmas. Please bear in mind that the post does take a little longer at this time of year, so allow sufficient time to send it to us.


When do you dispatch the Santa packs?


We know how excited children get just before Christmas, so we don’t add to your pressure by sending the packs too early. All orders received on or before the 24th November 2018 will be sent out on Monday 26th November 2018. All orders received from the 25th November onwards will be posted within 48 hours of receipt, up to Royal Mail’s last posting date which is the 21st December. All letters are sent via second class mail so please allow at least five days for delivery.




You are responsible for ensuring that the names, addresses and other information are correct. Please ensure you print clearly using capital letters, if ordering via the newspaper, or if ordering via the website please ensure you have typed the details correctly.

I am ordering for siblings or children in the same household

If you place an order for more than one child in the same household at the same time, please rest assured that we will ensure they are dispatched at the same time too. However, once we post them we are reliant on Royal Mail delivering them at the same time. On occasions this doesn’t happen. If this is the case we suggest holding on to the first letter until the second arrives. If the second hasn’t arrived within 48 hours please let us know and we will check delivery.

Returns and Refunds


Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for non-delivery of letters if you haven’t advised us, in writing, that your letter has not arrived before our closing date of 19 December 2018.


I haven’t received my order!


If by the 8th December you still haven’t received your pack, and you sent your order before the 1st December, please contact us and we’ll send a second copy. If you sent your order to us in December, please bear in mind the post can be slower during the weeks in the run up to Christmas, but do contact us and we’ll be more than happy to confirm your dispatch date and send a second copy if required.

What payment types do you accept?

Our payment processing system is provided by PayPal, which is one of the safest methods of on-line payment. PayPal offers you Buyer Protection and payments are so secure, we don’t even see them!

How do I contact you regarding my order?


Once you have made your payment you should receive an acknowledgement from PayPal via email. If you would like to contact us then please use the contact form for a written response. Alternatively you can write to us at Personal Christmas Letters, PO Box 150, Bourne PE10 1EA


And finally, a bit about us…

Our small team has been producing Santa packs since 2005, and working with some of the UK’s leading newspapers, we dispatch thousands of Santa packs each year.

If you have any questions or would like any help placing your order, please contact us at or use the ‘contact’ page.